City 17

This is the Intro trailer, it will give you an example of you what it can be like playing in the map.

  • build 210.txt

    Added smoothing groups to displacements in sewer
    Improved the BSP around the garbage disposal area
    Adjusted the Cubemaps and added some more
  • build 209.txt

    Added (Experimental) Cubemaps
    Removed props such as bottles and cans from apartments (to prevent confusion with in-game items in RP)
  • build 208.txt

    Reverted the teetertoter back to it's old version for now
    Replaced the rotating fan with a static sparky one
    Added a light to the industrial area to fix dark areas
    Removed global name from door that caused strange behaviour
  • build 207.txt

    Switched the fan model in the vents
    Fixed multiple decals from not rendering in-game
    Attempted fix to the windows in the citadel showing the 3Dskybox
    Improved the skybox bsps in Breen's office
    Improved the skybox under the map
    Added func_details to Breen's office for optimisation purposes
    Adjusted the displacement near the main sewer entrance for a more player friendly path
  • build 206.txt

    Combine tower in plaza is now solid to bullets
    Lowered the dust particles in the train station's ticket hall
    Adjusted the bridge in the train station and re-textured it
    Adjusted the crack decal on the building next to the nexus entrance
    Added a playerclip to fix some weird ladder behaviour at the way to the industrial sewers
    Added an unstable little wooden bridge on the rooftops of the industrial area
    Added some more detail to the industrial area including props and decals
    Fixed missing papers decal in the Barney CP torture room
    Fixed visible nodraw in an apartment in the hl2 apartment building
    Fixed the teeter totter's collision with it's base (the grinding wood noise)
    Fixed floating metal beam in the industrial area
    Fixed door decal in the industrial area not appearing in-game
    Fixed a door not lined up correctly in the industrial area
    Fixed a light in the industrial area casting unrealistic lighting
    Fixed areaportal sticking through the door in the sewers
    Increased the amount of red light coming from some locked combine locks
    Disabled collision on Antennas in the industrial area
    Reduced the lightmap grids of all the rooftops
  • build 205.txt

    Cleaned up some overlapping brushes
    Lowered the skybox in the 2nd plaza area
    Optimised the map's skybox in certain areas
  • build 204.txt

    Fixed some props having incorrect settings
    Improved the window frames of the hl2 apartment building at the playground
    Removed the playerclips on those same windows mentioned above
    Optimised the textures in the hl2 apartment building
    Added areaportals to several doors for optimisation
    Added a few hints/skips for optimisation
    Fixed a bug where the TV in one of the apartments would instantly have it's wire snapped, or not at all
    Doll now plays doll sound when shot
    Added phys_ragdollconstraint to the phys_constraintsystem of the swing seats
    You can now push the swing seats in the playground! (Don't get yourself killed though)
  • build 203.txt

    Added combine wall to blocked off area in industrial
  • build 202.txt

    Lights added to the new industrial area
    Fixed several glitches in the industrial area
    Changed some prop doors to decal doors
    Improved the judgement/autonomous waiver systems
    Fixed some combine shields not being in between the two fences correctly
  • build 201.txt

    Industrial details added
  • build 200.txt

    Industrial area improvements
  • build 199.txt

    The secret room in the Terminus Hotel is now open.
    General bug fixes.
  • build 198.txt

    Added the new re-created industrial area to the map.
    Fixed unintended door link.
    Fixed missing texture at garbage area.
  • build 197.txt

    Removed sprites from the 3 lamps in train station.
    Lightingorigin hack on arch models in sewer.
    Fixed pathway to sewer having multiple ladders in one.
  • build 196.txt

    Lots of optimising done on several buildings.
    Recreated the sewer vents.
    Added a new room between the two vent rooms in the sewer.
    Added more ambient sounds at certain places.
    Added extra lights to the resistance base.
    Added a door to the downstairs room in the train station.
    modelled some of the arches in the sewer.
    modelled nexus details.
  • build 195.txt

    Added more detail and some creepy triggers to the sewer.
    Added a bit more decoration and new textures in the city.
    Recreated the building at the end of the road near the hl2 apartment building.
    Polished a room in the hl2 apartment building.
    Created a lot of models from the detailed brushes in the sewer.
  • build 194.txt

    Fixed getting stuck behind the generator in the industrial area.
    Fixed a hole in the displacements in the sewer.
    Fixed multiple props from floating above ground.
    Fixed a missing texture on the headcrab cannon.
    Fixed a visible nodraw from the water in the sewer.
    Fixed a visible nodraw from the displacements in the sewer.
    Fixed see through brush in hl2 apartment building.
    Improved the elevator system in Breen's office
    Added a shop and alleyway in front of the hl2 apartment building.
    Adjusted the playerclip that is on the combine barricade wall.
    Adjusted the skybox near the little outside part with the window from the trainstation.
    Replaced the playerclip with a npcclip in the combine shooting range.
    Some details are now func_detail instead of a world geometry.
  • build 193.txt

    General bug fixes
  • build 192.txt

    Fixed the nodraw in Breen's office
    Increased the lamp's brightness in the 2 new nexus rooms
  • build 191.txt

    Added a red light to the button in the amputation room
    Fixed the rotated rug decal near the apartment building entrance
    Fixed cannister impact smoke not appearing anymore after build 190
    Fixed easter egg trigger not being invisible
    Increased hold time of easter egg text
    Recreated the nexus area where the portal used to be, it now has 2 rooms
    Reverted the changes made to the areaportals in the plaza shop back to 181 for now
  • build 190.txt

    Recreated/Optimized the ceiling windows in the trainstation
    Recreated/Optimized the pillars in the trainstation spawn area
    Optimized the skybox between the trainstation and the playground
    Fixed the visible skybox through two of the side windows in the trainstation
    Fixed the shop in the plaza's window frames being invisible
    Fixed the new button in the torture room not disabling the trigger after 1 hit
  • build 189.txt

    Fixed the ladder at the alleyway next to the checkpoint to the playground.
    Fixed the annoying metal scraping noise coming from the headcrab cannon.
    Fixed the visual glitches in the headcrab cannon model.
    Added a Start/Stop button for the headcrab cannon.
    Added new sounds to the heabcrab cannon.
    Removed two windows in the plaza shop.
  • build 188.txt

    Moved all the fridges some inches further away from the walls to prevent the possibility of getting stuck when moving it's doors.
    Replaced the fancy stairs in the citadel, the headcrab cannon and the metal pillars with their model versions I made.
    Fixed several bugs with the headcrab cannon after having moved around some origins in a previous build.
    Tweaked the lighting and textures in the new rooms.
    Removed a light in Breen's office.
  • build 187.txt

    Fixed some visible nodraws at the stairs of the Atlantic apartment building and at the top of the CWU building.
    Removed props in the apartments of the Terminal Hotel and Atlantic so server admins can build it to their likings.
    Added some props to the Terminal Hotel's entrance. 
    Fixed 3 windows of the hl2 apartment building being out of position by 1 inch/grid.
    Fixed one of the doors from the hl2 apartment building being out of position by 1 inch/grid leaving an ugly white line.
    Added a button to the torture room in the nexus that lets the chair only spark once.
    Added a new floor to the Atlantic apartment building which has 3 apartments.
  • build 186.txt

    Added a light at the stairs to the 2 new rooms in the nexus.
    Adjusted spawn height of the smoke from the cannister impact.
    Added more fire for cannister01.
    Fixed a roof having the wrong texture.
    Changed the industrial area smoke's density from 0.3 to 0.2
  • build 185.txt

    Moved the cannister impact places to unreachable positions in the map so it doesn't have to actually spawn a cannister. (in case the cannon would shoot 2 times at the same position)
    Changed the credits text from "City 17" to "Rp_City17"
    Removed and adjusted some player clips (invisible walls to block the player) at the spawn area.
    Added a secret room outside the map to trigger the hl3confirmed easter egg which has been there since build 145 (120sec cooldown).
    Cleaned up the nexus' brushwork a bit more.
    Slightly changed the lightmap grid in the nexus.
    Added a room for the OTA to spawn in, with a balcony to look at moving pods. (Thx to RedCatJack for helping)
  • build 184.txt

    Added the working headcrab cannister cannon (brushes)
    Added headcrab cannister impact places around the map.
  • build 183.txt

    Recreated the elevator that leads to the OTA citadel part.
    Added a new elevator next to the one that leads to the OTA citadel part.
    Connected Breen's office with the 2nd elevator.
    Adjusted the path of the Pod, it now takes longer to travel to Breen's office (Since the entire office is now higher up in the "sky" than before).
    Rotated Breen's office to fix the bug where you could see buildings when looking through the windows in the office.
    Removed the OTA citadel area.
    Removed the teleporter to Breen's Office.
  • build 182.txt

    Recreated the windows and frame from the control post in the Nexus detainment block.
    Recreated parts of the Nexus (You won't really see any differences in-game besides better performance).
    Placed AreaPortalWindows on the windows of the shop in the plaza.
    Better NoDrawing to improve compile speed.
    Decreased the amount of detail in brushes in the Nova Prospekt train station.
    A better texture for the window at the elevator in the citadel.
    Lots of brushes have been made into func_details (train station ticket hall).
  • build 181.txt

    A| = Added
    F| = Fixed / changed
    R| = Removed
    F| Nodraw in apartment building hallway
    F| Nodraw in apartment building staircase
    F| Industrial factory's fire sound not stopping
  • build 180.txt

    A| = Added
    F| = Fixed / changed
    R| = Removed
    A| Breencast (Big screens only)
    A| Improved lighting.
    A| New 3D-Skybox.
    A| A new sewer area.
    A| A new room in the sewer.
    A| Connection from Sewer to the Industrial area.
    A| A more player-friendly nexus detainment block layout.
    A| More details to the nexus training room.
    A| Playerclip to the combine bridge to prevent people from mingejumping on.
    A| Connection from storage room to Nova Prospekt train station part.
    A| Recreated half of the train station and the skybox structure around it. (compile time speedup and performance boost)
    A| Better ladders on certain areas which function on the E key. (To prevent the % of suicides in City 17)
    A| A roof to the brown building in the corner next to the industrial area.
    F| Fixed the purple black texture issues.
    F| Improved the visual and collision of the combine watch tower a bit.
    F| Replaced the bottom layer of cells with 3 offices in the nexus.
    F| Waiver activation system, you can now only turn it off if it's turned on. (To avoid glitches)
    F| One of the two doors to the trainstation turning black once closed.
    F| Made the invisible buttons that open the secret alleyway near the apartment building bigger.
    F| One of the combine doors not opening if nobody was in the Pod.
    F| The button in the Breen's Office not doing anything. (The button unlocks / forces the player out of the pod!)
    F| The missing red carpet in Breen's office.
    F| No textures at parts in the apartment building's staircases.
    F| The lights at the citadel not turning off.
    F| One of the pipes in the industrial area not touching the wall.
    F| The nexus shooting range spawner bug(s).
    F| Floating light in the nexus armory.
    F| The glass texture used in the nexus training room not being correctly placed.
    F| The button that activates the nexus detainment block alarm now works with toggle instead of 2 buttons.
    F| Ceiling truss sticking into the wall too much at the Nova Prospekt train station part.
    F| The ladders on the generator props.
    F| Some domes not being round.
    F| Decreased the amount of time the credits text stays on your screen in Singleplayer.
    F| Grammar mistakes in some textures.
    F| Flying benches in the ticket hall.
    R| The button on the interface behind breen's desk.
    R| Playerclips above the train station inner checkpoint(s).
    R| Playerclips around the benches in the train station.
  • build 167.txt

    A| Heavy amount of optimization.
    A| Industrial/Slums area next to the Petrol building with an alleyway.
    A| Advanced skybox sealing (Sorry scanner character users, fps is more important).
    A| Tonemap for color correction stuff.
    A| Improved lighting.
    A| More detail to the two rooms in the underground vent system.
    A| Replaced the Petrol building place holder with the final.
    A| Replaced the Parker building place holder with the final.
    A| Replaced the shop place holder next to the foto shop with the final.
    A| Replaced the apartment building place holder with the final.
    A| Shop next to the Atlantic apartment building.
    A| Extra detail to the crushing wall debris.
    A| Overall more detail to buildings (for example, the dome on the CWU building).
    A| Enhanced textures for some buildings.
    A| A light to the combine checkpoint(s) that brightens up the walk-through part(s).
    A| Huge spotlights that point at the citadel when the judgement or autonomous waiver is active.
    A| A button model to the white light that used to turn off the judgement or autonomous waiver.
    A| Secret shortcuts.
    F| Train doors on toggle, they now close after 4 seconds.
    F| Visible nodraw in the nexus.
    F| Decreased the sun's size and changed it's color a bit.
    F| Cleaned the logic_auto
    F| Remaining bugs in the fridge doors.
    F| The border around the windows from the apartment building gordon goes through in hl2.
    F| The debris near the wall at the apartment building gordon goes through in hl2 had weird lighting effects.
    F| TV in one of the apartments having a black screen sticking out of it.
    F| A few missing lights in the apartment building gordon goes through in hl2.
    F| Garbage/trash having shadows enabled making the floor extremely dark.
    F| Floating garbage. (Dan...  ._.)
    F| Displacement going under the road at some part, making it black in the corner (Crushing wall part).
    F| The lights at the rooftop part of 'the' apartment building being way too bright.
    F| The powerbox in the resistance base (sleeping area) playing the close animation on a retarded manner.
    F| The credits text when launching the map in singleplayer has been speed up a bit.
    F| The gate to the combine train part not moving correctly.
    F| Changed the skin of the door to the roof of the apartment building.
    F| Clusterfucks in the apartment building.
    F| Recreated the left side of the apartment building gordon goes through in hl2.
    F| Recreated the building next to the left side of the apartment building gordon goes through in hl2.
    F| Models in the terminal hotel clipping through the floor.
    R| Duplicated env_shake.
    R| Useless physic props.
    R| Place holders.
    And a lot more small changes... but I'll leave that for you to find out. (It's just too much to note down)
  • build 152.txt

    A | Pushbars to the metal doors in the train station (the interrogation ones)
    A | An extra elevator button in Breen's office.
    A | A door to the corridor leading to the citadel part.
    A | On the stop waiver button, crushingwall=>MovetoPosition to get it back to idle after stopping the sequence. (In order to fix it moving slightly to the left after each "crush" animation)
    A | New custom decal textures and the old hl2 ones.
    A | More detail props such as handrails, combine lock and new textures to the building in the corner of the playground.
    A | Areaportal optimization in the resistance base entrance.
    A | New parts in the resistance base with some extra alarm lighting.
    A | Over 100 info_nodes for smooth NPC movements.
    A | A light to the area where the change is.
    A | New windows in the train station's ticket hall, you can now pass items through the holes.
    A | Blocklight to the combine door in the ticket hall.
    A | Blocklight to the backdoor of the apartment building.
    A | Some more details to the buildings uitside the playable areas.
    A | The shop / building next to the Foto Shop can now be entered.
    A | Back door + alleyway to the shop / building next to the Foto Shop.
    A | 1930+ ground nodes
    A | Some more lamp posts for realism.
    A | A bit more detail to the road at some parts.
    A | New brightness value to the sun as well as a bit better color correction.
    F | Changed the logic_auto's ouput from OnLoadGame to OnMultiNewMap to correctly show the credits.
    F | Tweaked the lightmap grid.
    F | Overlap of barricade model at the main combine checkpoint in the plaza.
    F | 2 lamps not touching the ceiling in the part between the train station checkpoint and the ticket hall.
    F | Replaced the detailed pillars in the nexus with prop versions of them.
    F | Flying lamp in the corridor from the train station to the ticket hall.
    F | Disabled the shadows on the big screen in the train station to fix the darkness in the corner.
    F | Disabled the shadows on some of the debris models fix the darkness below it.
    F | Disabled shadows and collisions from some of the rubbish on the floor.
    F | Disabled shadows on some plants to make it look better.
    F | Changed the bridge at the nexus entrance to solid, in case someone wants to spawn npc
    F | The incorrectly moved wall in the train station.
    F | Making the box break at touch wasn't a good idea. (Box at part when jumping out of window)
    F | Skybox overlap.
    F | Brush overlap.
    F | Plant decals on the walls were rotated.
    F | The gate to the NovaProspekt station could be opened by normal players and glitches out because of that.
    F | Tweaked the lighting in Breen's office.
    F | Tweaked the nexus entrance door a bit.
    F | Decreased the doll's sound radius.
    F | Moved the debris at the combine wall a bit. (The one next to the apartment building)
    F | Changed the size of some sprites in the apartment building.
    F | Replaced the weapon holders in the nexus armoury with prop versions of them, improved the lighting on it as well.
    F | Replaced the elevator in the apartment building with a prop version of it.
    F | Rotated some debris because of visible cuts.
    F | Some fridges not opening correctly. (Floating door)
    F | The brightness of the two nexus lights in the train station entrance / exit being too bright.
    F | Changed the textures of the windows on the back of the apartment building. (playground)
    F | Props in CWU office spawning in the floor.
    R | Visible no-draws at the crushing wall part.
    R | The 2 fake windows on the roof of the apartment building.
    R | The slow walk / gravity effect in the weapon stripper as it is not added anyway. (The weapon strip system might return in the next update)
    R | The two storage closets in the souvenirs shop.
    R | Some brushes that wouldn't be seen by the human eye.
    R | The skybox on top of "the" apartment building, it might decrease fps by some but it will give the scanners more freedom.
    R | Command in autorun that was still there for the weapon strip system that is not in yet.
  • build 145.txt

    A | Lighting to the remaining apartments that didn't have enough yet. (For example, the one in the apartment building next to the abandoned playground)
    A | CWU building.
    A | Better lighting in CWU building.
    A | Combine locks to buildings you can't enter.
    A | Improved the combine lock's lighting. 
    A | Completely recreated the apartment building windows. (On the side at the road only)
    		- Much better optimization.
    		- Improved window frames.
    		- New glass texture.
    A | New window frames in the CWU shop.
    A | Completely recreated the Breen office.
    		- Now looks like the one from the original HL2 story.
    		- Waiver buttons now in the control room and makes the console screen turn red.
    		- Working elevator to the control room.
    		- The teleport now teleports you to a different room when going to Breen's office.
    		- A working pod system (improved as well) going into the office.
    		- Working doors that open when coming close to them.
    A | Benches, crates and an oildrum to the small outside area in the train station.
    A | New train station part. (Connected the part where the Vortigaunt cleans the ground with the corridor at the left in the ticket hall.)
    A | Some more benches around the map.
    A | Fences in the plaza like in hl2, but destroyed ones.
    A | Repaired the destroyed buildings (was requested by a lot of people).
    A | More details to several buildings.
    A | Better and more spawns.
    A | Open Beta spawn text and credits.
    A | A new unique alarm to the autonomous waiver.
    A | A moving wall entrance to the rebel base in the sewer.
    A | Easter egg.
    F | Poster rotated in breenroom.
    F | Flying breenpod.
    F | Some window frames.
    F | The scanners not stopping when turning the autonomous waiver off.
    F | Changed the pillars in the train station to models to have more room for func_details.
    F | Improved the textures in the train station.
    F | Being able to couch jump over the bar/desk (whatever you want to call it) in the cwu shop and the 'Change' shop in the Train station.
    F | The toilet flush sound being able to be spammed.
    F | Dustmotes in the train station, render distance: 512, now 1024.
    F | Tweaked the wall impact sound volume a bit.
    F | Changed the shadow smoothness a bit to hopefully fix the black textured wall in the plaza. (Lightmap grid/scale)
    F | Moved the button to open/close the train station gates down a bit, it was too high.
    F | The epic view at the inside of a huge building, with that I mean the sky in the part where you jump out of the window in the campaign.
    F | All the remaining broken fridge doors.
    F | Atlantic's apartments still had prop_static bedframes, now prop_physics. (Otherwise the prop wouldn't spawn)
    F | The light in the Atlantic on the 1st floor in that small room.
    F | Changed the light that lights up the nexus entrance a bit.
    F | Replaced the trashcans indoors to the ones that are open, so you can actually use them.
    F | Disabled shadows from the trains for performance reasons.
    F | Nodrawed the top of the bridge in the train station.
    R | Most of the destroyed buildings and the debris around them.
    R | The combine weapon strip system or what ever you want to call it, will be re-added later on once we find a way to make it work correctly with CW|HL2RP.
    R | The toilet in the crushing wall part, yes... there was a toilet in there.
    R | The fire in the destroyed part of the city.
    R | A few cardboard boxes.
  • build 133.txt

    A | The entire trainstation.
     - A | Button that makes the combine camera's turn their self off, in the torture / interogation room.
     - A | A more detailed Nova Prospect train area (enter able)
     - A | Enterable 'Change' and enter able shop in the middle of the waiting room.
     - A | Plaza sign instead of Plaza Exit.
     - A | Improved lighting in the waiting room.
     - F | The doors of the enter able train can now be opened by pressing E on them. (Enterable doesn't mean a working train, don't get too hyped up.)
     - R / F | The outside part of the trainstation, sorry guys... but it just took up too much space, replaced it with a tunnel.
     - R | The fence doors that keeps the players out of the other side of the trainrails. (The place where the vort cleans the trash)
    A | A 3d skybox city.
    A | Scanners coming out of the citadel on autonomous waiver.
    A | A better combine wall system for the 3d skybox, some will now crush forward.
    A | More details to the petrol building and the small rubbish dumping place next to it.
    A | A light in the loner room in the trainstation part.
    A | Better optimization in the plaza, I now have 70 fps instead of 20.
    F | The beds in the Atlantic are now prop_physics so they actually spawn.
    F | Changed the sun's size from 25 to 30 and moved it a tiny bit.
    F | Nexus jail doors going through the wall.
    F | Nexus jail doors delay on open/close.
    F | Minor changes to the trainstation.
    F | The fridge doors in the hotel going through the walls when opening the fridge.
    F | Changed the lighting colours a bit.
    F | Wall crush sounds playing everywhere (STILL BUGGED!).
    F | 3d skybox combine walls not having shadows disabled.
    F | The apartment building back door to the playground floating.
    F | The areaportal in the cwu shop's door.
    F | Shadows on a detail prop.
    F | The fridge upper door in the souvenirs shop.
    F | Lampposts being not solid.
    F | The displacement debris at the combine wall not being aligned.
    F | The areaportal in the citadel.
    F | The ladders in the alleyway that leads to the playground.
    R | A bit of the enterable citadel. (The waste of brushes when looking/falling down)
    R | The mirrored floor in the ticket hall (70 fps to 140 for me).
  • build 130.txt

    A | The sewers.
    A | The resistance armoury in the sewers.
    A | Several alarm systems in the sewers.
    A | Sparks in the lamp post that emmits on impact of the wall.
    A | Better optimization.
    A | Connection between the two roads leading to the apartment building and the alleyway seen in hl2 but enhanced.
    A | More details to the buildings and street.
    A | Traps in the sewer.
    A | Debris beneeth the what some people called "The flying car".
    A | Lighting in the new apartment building.
    A | A redesign of the new apartment building.
    A | A double door entrance in the new apartment building.
    A | More detail to the sewer entrance with the tree's and walls next to it.
    A | The full inside of the apartments in the terminal hotel. The right side has a different designed apartments than the left side.
    A | New displacement texture and it's resized in the left corner to make it playerfriendly:
    A | New spawnpoints.
    A | Finished the Souvenirs shop.
    A | An elevator in the citadel part so you can actually get out now.
    A | A building that blocks vision when looking out of the new apartment building's windows.
    A | An utilitypolemount prop in the road's corner to the apartment building, wires attached to fix the bug listed below.
    F | The electricity cables going through the buildings to reach the other end.
    F | Detail props having shadows enabled, casting ugly shadows on the walls behind them.
    F | Sun size changed, from 40 to 25.
    F | Sewer entrance door not opening correctly.
    F | Overlapping brushes.
    F | The foto shop's walls.
    F | Visible nodraws.
    F | Changed the displacements at all the combine walls a bit, also some better textures instead of (custom) overlays.
    F | The lights sticking into the ceiling in the 1st apartment in the hotel.
    F | Tweaked the lightmap scales in the map.
    F | The pod system not working.
    F | Foto store lighting
    F | OTA citadel doors crashing server and client when being closed. (now works with buttons)
    F | The water in the sewer not emmiting the water splashes and the reflections.
    F | The shadows from the jail doors.
    F | The double doors in the cwu shop in the plaza.
    F | The two lamp props in the cwu shop in the plaza.
    F | The autonomous alarm button in the breensroom being stuck at locked, preventing it from being repressed.
    F | The forcefield on the checkpoint in the newly added corner being solid.
    F | The areaportal that was going through two apartments, leaving a hole in the wall that let you see heaven.
    F | Logic_Auto: OnMapSpawn>button_stripper_disable>Press, just to make sure it is DISABLED when the map is loaded.
    F | Moved down the chimney in the corner building in the plaza, it was floating.
    F | The door in the souvernirs shop opening a door in the apartment building and not having move/close sounds, same for the two new doors in the cwu shop.
    F | The fridges opening in a spasm way.
    F | Retextured some things in the cwu shop.
    R | Some custom textures used in the plaza and trainstation.
    R | The chairs in the apartments in the hotel.
    R | Useless brushes.
    R | Old spawnpoints.
    R | light_env in the breensroom.
    R | The sound playing when going into the citadel part.
  • build 120.txt

    A | Totally reconstructed the road at the right hand side when leaving the trainstation, huge FPS improvent. (Currently the map is only manually optimized, vvis failed to compile this build due to an error that I will look into)
    A | Better optimization in combination with advanced skybox work.
    A | Waiver button re-press delay.
    A | Rails/tracks for the looping pods in the citadel.
    A | An env_physexplosion to the citadel wall, it will now push props away aswell as the players standing near it and it will disorientate the players that stand nearby.
    A | A wall to the building next to the small photo shop so it doesn't look hollow from the inside like it did before.
    A | Some better and new design to the Hotel apartment rooms. (currently 1 side only)
    F | Small changes to the citadel walls that are on top of the nexus entrance.
    F | Improved the nexus entrance door and removed the +use for non-combine players.
    F | The button to close the gates in the trainstation not working.
    F | Visible nodraws. (As always)
    F | Disabled motion for lots of prop_physics in the apartment building.
    F | Huge brushwork improvement in the apartment building. (Better FPS too)
    F | Overlapping brushes.
    F | Disabled shadows on the two prop windows on the apartment building roof
    F | Disabled shadows on the detail props that are on the building next to the hotel and small shop.
    R | The trigger_once that activated the citadel wall's crush mode. (It was only there for fast testing)
    R | Color correction.
  • build 110.txt

    A | Reconstructed the road at the right hand side when leaving the trainstation, huge FPS improvent.
    A | Better optimization.
    A | Waiver button re-press delay.
    A | Rails/tracks for the looping pods in the citadel.
    F | Disabled motion for lots of prop_physics in the apartment building.
    F | Huge brushwork improvement in the apartment building. (Better FPS too)
    F | Overlapping brushes.
    F | Visible nodraw at the roof in the recently added road.
  • build 100.txt

    A | Moving podloops around it and all kind of other scripted stuff that you will see ingame ;)
    A | More lights in the weapon stripper room.
    A | An "enterable" room behind the ration/ticket windows, moved the gate open/close button into there aswell.
    A | A new road/street.
    F | Combine music playing everywhere when entering the citadel part.
    R | The old 'new' road.
  • build 095.txt

    A | A huge enterable part of the citadel, possible OTA deployment point.
    A | A button to open the secret door (Not telling you where) from the inside and outside.
    A | A window so you can now look into the amputation / torture room via the room next to it.
    A | Some more lights in the armory
    A | A room behind the ration/ticket windows, moved the gate open/close button into there as well.
    F | Changed the speed of the sparks in the amputation / torture room.
    F | Changed the amount of light coming from the 3 consoles next to the shooting range in the nexus.
    F | The skybox lighting now comes from the sun's correct location.
    F | Broke the pod system. \O/
    R | The 2nd Logic_Auto.
  • build 094.txt

    A | Build the overwatch armory.
    A | Sparks on wires in plaza when trigger -> autonomous waiver.
    A | Areaportals in the road to the aparment building.
    A | More lights in the nexus shooting range.
    A | The possibility to crouch shoot in the nexus shooting range.
    A | Moving targets in the shooting range that move on button press.
    A | A combat simulator in the shooting range.
    A | Health and Armor rechargers in the nexus.
    A | Areaportals for a better FPS in the nexus.
    A | Some more gates instead of doors for the nexus jails.
    A | Some more props in the nexus.
    A | An extra speaker emitting the nexus detainment block alarm.
    A | Breakable windows in the nexus. (Instead of just random holes in the ceiling)
    A | A more unique way of texturing in the nexus.
    A | An entire new nexus entrance from the outside.
    A | A working weapon stripper / weapon desintagration field with currently an enable and disable button.
    A | A way to get on the combine tower in the plaza.
    A | A lot more combine details on the buildings.
    A | A citadel that now opens itself when you enable the autonomous waiver and also closes itself when the waiver stops.
    A | Some extra details to some buildings in the plaza.
    A | Finished the open/close able gates in the trainstation. (Button is on temp location)
    A | Extra lights in the trainstation with fancy sprites as well as these little dust particles.
    F | Tiny leak in breensoffice.
    F | Changed the walking path in the nexus to make it more userfriendly and won't get stuck into the handrails anymore.
    F | The apartment building had yellow/orange-ish window textures.
    F | The waiver stop button not stopping 'all' sounds.
    F | Changed the grass texture in the playground.
    F | Changed the glass texture of the shop in the plaza.
    F | Tweeked the doors of the shop in the plaza.
    F | The wooden pillars in the apartment building roof prevented you from entering.
    F | The button in the checkpoint to open the door inside the nexus had no sound when pressed.
    F | Increased the height of the playerclip on the big combine checkpoint so you can look some more over the barricades.
    F | Falling through the combine tower.
    F | Small visible nodraw(s).
    F | Changed the rails of the pod from func_lod to func_brush.
    F | Roof in the nexus shooting range leaked.
    R | The teleportation sound delay that was added in b93.
    R | A few brushes/walls what ever you want to call them. (Useless, invisible ones.)
    R | Overlapping brushes, actually the same thing as the line above
    R | 50% of the moving clouds, 100% was a bit too much.
  • build 093.txt

    A | The enterable roof is now on top of the apartment building instead of the fake roof I made earlier.
    A | Playerclips to make it more userfriendly to look out of the windows in the enterable roof part.
    A | A new door for the apartment building entrance.
    A | More detailed textures to the outside of the apartment building.
    A | A sun pointing into the breensroom.
    A | A shooting range in the nexus.
    A | A few more speakers that emit the nexus alarm.
    A | A teleportation delay of .5 seconds.
    A | gmod_allowphysgun 0 again.
    F | Func_tracktrain is now Func_tanktrain. (Possible rotation fix)
    F | Tweeked a lot with the lightmap grids.
    F | Huge visible nodraw in the nexus.
    F | Overlays in the trainstation with missing brush faces.
    F | Changed the sun size from 80 to 40.
    F | Lowered the amount of light coming from the 2 lights in the corners in the shooting range.
    R | The playerclip that stops the player from jumping out of the windows in the apartment building. (Horaay! You can now suicide! :/)
    R | The fade when going to the breensroom using the pod.
    R | VPhysics collision on small wires.
    R | The 2 empty rooms in the nexus (The shooting range is now there).
    R | Useless over-detailed corners in the walls (Nexus entrance/checkpoint) to reduce the amount of portals created.
  • build 092.txt

    A | New combine checkpoint with ladder to get on it and a player clip to fix getting stuck between these barricades.
    A | A ladder on the existing combine checkpoint.
    A | The nexus door (The one behind the 2 main doors) is now openable from the checkpoint next to it.
    A | Shadow_control.
    A | Comepletely redone a part of the plaza road.
    A | New Nexus door sounds.
    A | Lighting... etc
    A | Clouds.
    A | Areaportals in the windows of the shop in the plaza.
    A | More Func_Details.
    A | Build the inside of the souvenirs shop.
    A | Gates in trainstation, will be openable and closeable later on.
    A | Retextured the nexus a bit.
    A | different glass textures for testing.
    F | Offgrid brushes causing very small little leaks.
    F | Portalspam at the apartment entrance.
    F | Nexus doors going into the ground, lip was 0, now 1.
    F | Changed the skybox.
    F | Gates in nexus closing on touch.
    F | Huge lag when walking downstairs in the hotel.
    F | Lampposts not solid.
    F | Props you couldn't touch appeared to have VPhysics as collision.
    F | Moved the blocklight brush up a bit in attempt to fix the hidden door being darker than the wall.
    F | Moved the skybox up aswell as the sun.
    F | Tweeked a bit with the two doors from the shop in the plaza.
    F | Improved brushwork in the trainstation and nexus.
    F | Wrong textures on some of the brushes around the nexus doors.
    F | Visible nodraws.
    R | Temp. removed gmod_allowphysgun keyvalue.
    R | Useless brushes.
    R | Temp. removed the two doors in the ticket room / trainstation entrance.
  • build 091.txt

    A | Ambient_generic sheild_loop between the strippers at the nexus entrance.
    A | Changed the skin of the nexus jail doors.
    A | New alarms:
    F | The concretefloor texture at the entrance of the trainstation was scaled down too much, it is now .25
    F | There was a prop that was touching lé void.
    F | Changed the light_Env angle a bit.
    F | Improved some brushwork to decrease the amount of portals.
    F | Spawn after teleporting wasn't high enough.
    F | The 2 doors at the shop in the plaza didn't have the one way only flag.
    F | Secret door hotel closing too quickly, 2 sec => 2,5 sec.
    F | Secret door hotel moved 1 inch too far, 60 => 59.
    F | Sun size was too big, 96 => 80.
    F | Prison doors not closing correctly.
    F | Changed the name of button from button_alarm3_on to button_alarm_detain_on.
    F | Changed button_alarms_off to button_alarm_detain_off so it doesn't have the same name as the one in breen's office.
    F | Changed the button_alarm_detain_off input from 'volume 0' to 'stopsound' to finally 'FadeOut'.
    F | Visible Nodraw in nexus.
    R | City_Alert1
    R | City_Alert2
    R | City_Alert3
    R | Trigger at the plaza entrance with the game_text.
    R | Env_skypaint.
    R | I/O to judge and streetwar alarms from the alarm_off button in the nexus.
  • build 090.txt

    A | 4 Jail doors are now slideable, operated by a button that is next to the door.
    A | env_sun.
    A | Switched some trees over to some with leaves on them, just to test if it might look better than the dead trees.
    A | More cubemaps.
    F | Changed the text that triggers when entering the plaza.
    F | The darkness on the 2 doors from the shop next to the apartment building.
    F | Improved the pod system a tiny bit.
    F | The door at the new entrance of the apartment building had the same name as the one on the other side, opening the one opened the other too.
    R | Some decals/overlays.
  • build 089.txt

    A | Added a pod system in the nexus, leading to the breensroom and to a fire that burns the player.
    A | Sliding prison door instead of door_rotating (Just one at the moment).
  • build 088.txt

    A | 3d skybox with fog in it and the citadel.
    A | Lampposts.
    A | Added the keyvalue "gmod_allowphysgun 0" to all physgunable func_s.
    F | Improved some brushwork.
    F | Improved some lighting in the nexus.
    F | Retextured forgotten hl2ep2 missing ones.
    R | Sprites at the entrance of the shop in the plaza
  • build 087.txt

    A| A new enterable building next to the apartment building.
    A| Extended the building next to the hotel to fill up empty space.
    A| Added handrails on the stairs in the hotel.
    A| Opened the gate next to the spawn, there is now a little area where you can walk or sit, might be used as trainstation_1 connector.
    A| Added level fade in.
    F| Replaced a lot of HL2:Ep2 textures with default HL2 textures. (In case someone doesn't have ep2)
    F| Textured the sides of the hotel entrance door. (It was nodrawed, making it look like it was as thin is a paper)
    F| Rescaled the ground texture at the spawn place.
    F| Func_Detailed a part of the staircase in the apartment building. (I forgot to func_detail some before)
    F| Rescaled some overlays and added some. (Default hl2 decals)
    F| Replaced 1 little window in the shop at the plaza. (It was a surf while all the others are normal)
    F| Decreased the size of the 2 sprites at the entrance of the shop in the plaza.
    F| Areaportal leak
    F| Increased the size of the secret door opening button in the hotel. (The button on the inside)
    F| Decreased the secret door's  movement speed.
    F| Increased the secret door's  movement so it now fully opens.
    F| Increased the secret door's delay before closing again.
    F| Replaced the unopenable door at the shop next to the hotel with an openable one.
    F| Changed the Trigger_Once intro text to Trigger_Multiple so it will trigger for more players. (< Might change it to hudhint later on)
    F| Textured the upper side of the nexus doors so it looks less weird when opening them.
    F| Grouped several parts of the road together into one func_detail.
    R| Removed a lot of overlays and decals that did not fit.
    R| Removed a lot of prop_physics boxes in the trainstation as it can be abused by minges and it caused small fps drops.
    R| Removed an useless spawn place.